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Election of the Individual Members Representative in the ELRA Board

Call for Nominations

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It is time to propose a nominee for the election of the Individual Members Representative in the ELRA Board.

  • Who can make a nomination? All individual members can. Each nominee should be proposed by at least 3 individual members from 3 different countries, not including the nominee. Please note that for this election, the nominee cannot reside in Africa.
  • How to make a nomination? By email: please send the CV and manisfesto of the nominee by email to the ELRA Secretary General (
  • When does the nomination process close? On February 1st, 2021. Then the candidates will be presented and votes will be cast between March 1st and 12th, 2021.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sonja Bosch for her dedication and commitment as the first elected Board Member representing the Individual Members. Her term comes to an end at the election of her successor.

More information on the election can be found on the dedicated page of the ELRA web site.

Questions on membership should be sent to